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Car Detailing Guru

Want to find out about new products in car detailing and car wash industry? Check out all the tricks to keep your car clean from inside and out. Know more about how mobile car detailing and car wash businesses operate and connect directly with the car detailing guru. Who know you might get a special offer for your vehicle's pre-sale car detail or interior steam cleaning job. A place where you can ask any number of questions and we would love to respond to you.

Cleaning Car Window

Car Detailing Guru

What you see is what you get. This is true in most things, especially when it comes to vehicles. Aside from looking sparkly clean, the best car detailing is one that also cleans it thoroughly for additional hygienic effects. Hygiene and cleanliness go hand in hand, which is why being thorough is very important. Most detailing places often miss out on one very important detail, steam detailing. Car detailing is more than just a few scrubs. It requires an intense look into detail.

Automobile Interior

Car Detailing Guru

Learn about performing car interior cleaning on leather and fabric upholstery, a step by step approach to educate you on professional cleaning. 

Car Waxing

Car Detailing Guru

Find out every thing car washing at home and products for cars that can make a difference. A good article for people who have interest in DIY car cleaning.

Polishing Car

Car Detailing Guru

Check how you can increase your car's resale value by getting your car fully detailed by best car detailing business in Melbourne

Car Seats

Car Detailing Guru

Do not fear COVID 19. Find out how you can disinfect your car's cabin with the most stubborn germs and bacteria in only 30 mins. 

Sports Car

Car Detailing Guru

Get your car's paint job beefed up like factory condition. Invest in your car's life by getting ceramic paint protection done.

Parked Cars

Car Detailing Guru

Whether you're a car enthusiast or not, it's crucial to know the difference between fixed car washes and mobile car detailers. Knowing its contrasting concept will help you determine the most optimal car care solution. Isn't that what we all wanted for the only thing that will help us get through the day? Your car does need the most convenient and advanced vehicle pampering for it to serve you best. That's why, to help you, we will lay down the differences between the two

Pile of Coins

Car Detailing Guru

Setting the price correctly as a car detailer is arguably an essential aspect of having a lucrative detailing service. If you really want to compete effectively, you must understand; how much income you are presently generating, how much your labor is worth within your region, and how much you would bill your clients. Most car detailers nowadays want to stay market-friendly. In that regard, this is the very reason why several of them charge on fixed price rather than on an hourly rate. Read more to know the indispensable advantages of pricing at a fixed rate and weigh some of its disadvantages.


Car Detailing Guru

When you are ready to sell your car, little bit of attention to your car in the shape of car detailing can do wonders. Hire the best car detailers in Melbourne and achieve the best.

Blue car being washed

Car Detailing Guru

Read about the best method to dry your car after a wash. Avoid streaks and get the results you have always dreamt of, all the tip and tricks in this article from car detailing guru.


Car Detailing Guru

Read about choosing most suitable service which is best value for money and learn about difference in simple cut and polish and paint correction.


Car Detailing Guru

The car seats tend to attract dirt and bacteria after years of use in various weather environments, added with humidity and sweat and if these stains and bacteria are not removed in a timely manner it can even start the growth of mold inside the car which can have drastic health hazards. Also it should be noted, that once mold starts to set inside the car, it becomes increasingly difficult to address the issue. In this situation, the question arises whether to opt for dry, steam or extraction cleaning, as all methods has its own merits and demerits.


Car Detailing Guru

Car Detailing involves providing different vehicle cleaning services. Detailers mainly work on exterior and interior cleaning projects. This service also includes applying protective chemicals to vehicles. In fact, car detailing is one of the great ways to earn extra cash. More importantly, you don't need specific training in order to work to do car detailing, but it requires some qualifications.


Car Detailing Guru

Aside from the car's exterior, the inside of a vehicle is also important to keep clean. Removing the debris and dirt from these areas is as simple as washing your windows. Car detailing professionals usually prefer the use of top car care products.


Car Detailing Guru

Are you afraid that the smoke smell in your car might put your life at risk? If you do, your instincts are correct. Car smell, especially the smoke scent, is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with your car, and it shouldn’t be left untreated.


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