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How mobile car detailers can make your car new?

Whether you're a car enthusiast or not, it's crucial to know the difference between fixed car washes and mobile car detailers. Knowing its contrasting concept will help you determine the most optimal car care solution.


Isn't that what we all wanted for the only thing that will help us get through the day? Your car does need the most convenient and advanced vehicle pampering for it to serve you best.


That's why, to help you, we will lay down the differences between the two, as well as their advantages. In that way, you'll worry no more about which one to choose.

Fixed Car Washes VS. Mobile Car Detailers

Below we will help you understand each definition.

What is Fixed Car Wash?

Fixed car wash is a car wash service with a fixed location. It's the traditional car cleaning that washes your car the moment you enter its tunnel setup.


Or, it's just a set of cleaning materials that await you for your self-service. The point is, it's a car cleaning solution that you need to visit -- rooted in an area.


The process starts the moment you entered the shop. Nowadays, the most sought-after is the tunnel conveyor system carwash, with roughly 113,000 operations in America.


You won't need to get out of your car since an automated conveyor will pull it through. The tunnel will now work its automatic washing mechanism, but mostly it will only clean the exterior of your vehicle.

Advantages of Fixed Car Washes

● Short period cleaning

● Minimum costs

● Hassle-free

● Fast service

What is Mobile Car Detailing?

Well, this is more personalized and hands-on than fixed car wash services. Mobile car detailing is a process that doesn't only work for the exterior but from top to bottom of your car. Plus, you can have it right at your house, no need to visit a fixed car wash just for clean-up.


The problem with the tunnel system car wash is that it might leave scratches on your vehicle. Unlike vehicle detailing, your car is in good hands because experts will do manual and careful carwashing for you.


Not just that, when we say top-to-bottom, the specialists are trained to see to it they're using the best treatment. Aside from washing, the best car detailing would cover cleaning and repairing a vehicle's exterior and interior.


With the advent of the mobile car detailing business, you can now have it to your house. Its services include:

Exterior Detailing

Unlike the traditional fixed car washes, you'll car can feel brand new with:

● Exhaustive Car Washing

● Auto Waxing

● Sealant Application

● Car Buffing

● Car Degreasing

● Applying Bug and Tar Remover

● Clay Bar Application

● Exterior Dressing (plastic and rubber)

● Touch up Paint Application

● Dent Repairing

● Scratch and Marring on Paint Restoration

● Headlight Repairment

● Tire Cleaning and Dressing

● Ventilation Cleaning and Decontamination

● Engine Maintenance Cleaning

● Protective Paint Coating Application

● Protective Film Paint Application

Interior Detailing

Unlike traditional fixed car washes, car detailers also polish interiors with:

● Interior Steam Detailing

● Trunk Vacuuming

● Leather, Vinyl, or Rubber Cleaning and Dressing

● Interior Roof Spot Detailing

● Interior Windows and Mirrors Cleaning

● Console, Dashboard, Interior Vents Cleaning

● Door Jamb Cleaning

● Seat Covers, Carpets, Mats, and Door Panel Washing

Advantages of Mobile Car Detailing

● Overall clean-up

● No need to visit car washes

● Removes stubborn dirt

● Your car feels brand new after

● Corrects car blemishes

● Increases your car maximum value

Which One to Choose?

It should be clear now that these two are on a different level of car cleaning. Fixed car wash is just washing with a fraction of cost only, while mobile car detailing, on the other hand, is more complex. But, you can expect the best after.


Below are the applicable instances of which one to choose.

When to Go for Fixed Car Wash?

● If you're not tired to visit any car wash location

● If your car has minimal specks of dirt only

● After quick road trips

● Returning a borrowed car

● When you only need a basic clean up

● Your vehicle is in daily exposure to regular high winds

● Daily drives with kids and pets

When to Go for a Mobile Car Detailing?

● Whenever you want some personalized and careful car detailing expert for a car wash that comes into your house

● Whenever the season changes -- your car does need it due to weather conditions (may it be due to rain, heat, stubborn dust, tree parts, etc.) that affects your interior and exterior

● If you're preparing for a long journey, your car needs to work on an optimal level to avoid any problems along the road

● When you're going to sell your car, the car detailing can improve the overall impression and maximal value of your vehicle

● Whenever you want to achieve brand new feels for your car finishes, and feel comfortable while driving

● Whenever you want to fix car dents, scratches, dull paint, and blemishes

● When you want to maintain your car's value to avoid wear-and-tear situations


If you want only a basic clean-up, you go for fixed car washes. However, if you want the best for your car, have also the best car detailing car wash come right at you.


Today, mobile car detailing is the best car detailing car wash that comes to your house with car cut and polish interior vehicle detailing, steam detailing, wax and buff a car services right at your doorstep.


Call one right now and let the experts work wonders for your car!

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