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Dry Vs Steam Vs Extraction Cleaning Car Seats

The car seats tend to attract dirt and bacteria after years of use in various weather environments, added with humidity and sweat and if these stains and bacteria are not removed in a timely manner it can even start the growth of mold inside the car which can have drastic health hazards. Also it should be noted, that once mold starts to set inside the car, it becomes increasingly difficult to address the issue. In this situation, the question arises whether to opt for dry, steam or extraction cleaning, as all methods has its own merits and demerits. All these methods will be discussed below.

Dry cleaning method involves, treating a stain with a dry cleaning liquid like white spirit, and agitating the stain to a limit where the stain is no longer visible with the naked eye. The point to be noted here is that, the stain is not fully removed in fact the process of agitation just reduces the stain impact making it very less visible. However, chemicals like white spirit, can have a damaging impact on a fabric and should be used in a cautious way. This type of cleaning is considered as passive method of cleaning car interior seats and is used for very minor stains.

In steam cleaning & extraction method, the approach is rather active as compared to dry cleaning method. What this means is that, the stain is not just suppressed in fact actively removed from the fabric. The way this is done is by spraying specially formulated high pressure shampoo solution on to the car seats and then pulling the dirt and bacteria by pulling it with a strong vacuum in conjunction with high pressure steam which is approximately 200 degrees Celsius in temperature. If need arises a much bigger machine with much greater spraying pressure and dual high power vacuums are used if the stain or bacteria is classified as heavy. The best part of this method is that the stains and bacteria are 99% removed however, the car seats can at times feel damp which might need some time to dry off.

What cleaning method is used depends a lot on your budget as dry cleaning can be charged at a cheaper rate and whether damp seats will not be a big trouble for you or not. Considering the comparison above, the facts clearly support steam cleaning and extraction clean method as the popular choice among customers, as it is indeed the real way of making your car stain free and bacteria free.

Extraction clean car interior
Extraction clean car interior

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