What is 1 Stage, 2 Stage & 3 Stage Paint Correction In Professional Car Detailing?

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Every auto detailing business operates differently, and the way they detail cars can vary in number of steps performed and the products they use. The standard of detailing on exterior of car depends on the price charged, time that would take to complete a job and specifically whether its just a simple cut and polish or a proper paint correction done on a vehicle.

A car paint job can develop paint defects over the period of time after extensive use. Some times due to lack of care and other times when car owners use drive in car washes and other cheap car detailers with lack of knowledge of what the impact can be. After year of use, car paint can develop minor scratches and swirl marks on the body which can look very unattractive and also lower the value of car for potential buyers.

A cut and polish, can be a very nominal job which can take anywhere between 1.5hrs to 2hrs depending on the size of the car. During this, a car detailer can simple perform a basic wash on the car and apply light cutting compound using an orbital or rotary polishing machine. Many car detailers in the market offer this service as an upsell however this does not offer best bang for bucks.

A multi stage paint protection service, can consist of performing a premium wash, decontaminating paint work using special ph neutral solution with amplified hydrophobic properties. Followed up with clay bar treatment and performing second decontamination using specially formulated solution. Once the paint work is free of all environment impurities and contaminants, top car detailers perform paint correction by carefully choosing a cutting compound with specific grit value using coarse, medium and fine pads independently. This could mean 3 individual turns start to finish starting with coarse compound to fine working on micro scratches and swirl marks.

In the end, a customer must carefully choose the service they pay for and know potential outcomes of each type of service. Surely, multi stage paint correction is the choice to go for many car owners as best mix of cost and quality.

2 Stage paint correction by Car detailing guru Melbourne
2 Stage paint correction by Car detailing guru Melbourne

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