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Car Detailing - Your Car Is Worth More Than You Think

As a car owner, there is no telling when a car stops feeling like a car that looks and feels brand new. It especially is the case when you use the same car for years with no end in place. As such, many car owners choose to sell their cars instead of letting them overstay their welcome as their property.

As an owner of an automobile, you should always consider your car as an investment property. If you want to earn profit by reselling your car, there are tons of things to consider. For one, subtle changes, whether it is done to improve or break the car, can affect its resale value greatly.

Anything you do to your car could have either a positive or negative effect on how prospect buyers may perceive its value. For example, overusing your car could lead to its eventual deterioration both in terms of its use and its resale probability.

Simple problems such as small stains, scratches, and damages could also gradually decrease the worth of your car. If you have what it takes to do so, you can clean it all on your own to save money. But a lack of professional care for your car is not exactly helpful if you want to increase its resale value.

In that case, getting your car valued above its market price means paying more to improve its value. And in terms of making its value go up, one great way to do so is by getting your car professionally detailed.

How does Car Detailing work?

One thing that most car dealers recommend you to do for your car to be sold higher than its market value is to get professional car detailing services. But what exactly is car detailing?

Car detailing is a service that focuses on cleaning and turning your car back to the state when you first bought and used it. Because these services need more precision and intensive labor than a simple car wash service, where you only need to drive your car inside a pathway system that cleans your car as it gets through it.

In Melbourne and other Australian cities, a typical car wash service only cleans the car's exterior, leaving everything inside the car, like its rusted parts, unremovable stains on your seats, and dirty floor mats, uncleaned and unsanitized.

If you want your car to retain and even appreciate its original value, paying to get car detailing services is what you need to do so.

People working in professional car detailing works by giving your car not only a thorough car washing but also hands-on car polish of every nooks and cranny inside it.

With both its intensive exterior and interior car cleaning, car detailers will provide you with quality services to increase your car's value.

How much does car detailing work cost?

In Australia, prices offered for car detailing services vary based on the type of car you own. For as much as $60, car detailers offer the following services within 2 hours of intensive labor:

  • Vacuum Cleaning car seats, carpets, and floor mats

  • Interior Deodorizing

  • Wheels and Tires Cleaning and Protectant Application,

  • Interior Cleaning of Glass Windows and Mirrors,

  • And many more.

If you add in $120 more for much better services, interior vehicle detailers can add in more services to clean the hard-to-reach spots inside your car. They could do interior steam cleaning, grime removal from your car's gears and indicator stalks, cleanup of your center consoles, and sanitization of all rubbers and plastics within your vehicle.

And for an additional $40, car detailing companies offer a full detailing job, which is complete of all services available on a normal car detailing job plus a full wash of the clothes, rubbers, and leathers within your car. They also do deep cleaning services that clean all sides of your car (especially all hard-to-reach places), cleans and decontaminates your car of paint chemicals and waxes, and a smooth cut and polish to give your car a sleek and brand-new feel.

Most car detailing companies in Melbourne offer extra services for those who are willing to give additional payment. Car repainting, headlight replacement, tail light replacement, interior protection, and application of hydrophobic sealant within your car are among the services that they could provide you for an added price. For car detailing plus additional services, you can incur as low as $210.

Professional car detailing is pricey compared to other alternatives, but these services are more than enough to make sure your car's value goes up. Whether it is a new car or an old one, getting it detailed gives you the option to one day resell it above its original cost.

For Melbourne residents, contact the closest car detailing company around you and ask for a quote on their now. It is never too late or too early to get your car detailed and for you to explore your option on what to do with your car in the future.

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