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Get your car professionally detailed and increase 15% value

All car enthusiasts know that, much like any other property, owning a car is an investment. All improvements or damages dealt to your car will have a huge impact on its value.

If you are planning to resell your car for a price 15% higher than its previous value, there are lots of ways for you to do so.

It would be very hard to sell a car that looks broken down and unkempt. You can go ahead wash it on your own at your home, but there are stains and damages that only professionals could fix.

So, if you want your car sold at a high price, your car must look like it is worth more than its original price. One of the best ways to appreciate your car’s sales price is through car detailing.

What is Car Detailing?

Professional car detailing is a service that many car dealers will ask you to do to appraise your car. This service focuses on the cleanup and restoration of your car to a clean, good-as-new form.

Car detailing requires so much precision and labor than a car wash service. There’s more to do in car detailing than in a car wash where a car passes through a system to get cleaned.

Most car wash services in Melbourne only cleans the exterior of a car. Because of that, all the car’s nooks and crannies might not get cleaned.

Even small coffee stains, dirt, or rust inside your car depreciate your car’s value. If you want your car polished on all its sides, you may want to afford to get car detailing instead.

Professional auto detailing workers clean your car by hand for a thorough car polish. From its exterior to interior, car detailing is the ideal way to preserve your car’s value.


How much does it cost?

Based on what type of car you own, Australian businesses offer start at $75 for car detailing. For that much, car detailing companies offer the following services for your convenience:

· Thorough exterior hand wash,

· Interior Vacuum Cleaning and Deodorizing,

· Wheels Cleaning and Tires Dressing,

· Interior Detailing,

· And many more.

And for a full detailing job, you’ll get all services of a mini detail job plus a cut and polish to add a sleek feel to your car. Full car detailing price starts at around $225 and priced depending on your car’s condition.

If you are willing to pay for extra services, then go ahead and get a car repaint and headlight replacement as well. For full detailing and added services, a conservative estimate is around $300.

You must be willing to pay more to earn more. And especially for car resale, paying more for a full detailing job is very worth it if you want its price to rise.


Get a FREE Estimate Today.

It is never too early to pay for car detailing services for a fairly-new car. The earlier you get your car detailed, the better your chances are at selling it above its original cost.

For Melbourne residents, call your nearest car detailing company for a quote now. Buy their car cleaning products as well so you can do home car maintenance yourself.

Support your local businesses and call for their services to get your car cleaned right away.

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