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Earning Extra Cash In A Side Business Doing Car Detailing

Car Detailing involves providing different vehicle cleaning services. Detailers mainly work on exterior and interior cleaning projects. This service also includes applying protective chemicals to vehicles. In fact, car detailing is one of the great ways to earn extra cash. More importantly, you don't need specific training in order to work to do car detailing, but it requires some qualifications.

To get started, you should know how car detailing works, what needs to be done, and how much you can earn from it!

Looking To Start A Car Detailing Business In Australia? We Got You!

For a quick overview, car detailers will always be in-demand as long as there are cars on the road. So, the chance of earning money is always there, especially if you’ll offer the best service and satisfaction possible.

Is car detailing a good business or not?

In fact, the various realities of car ownership can affect the profitability of car detailing businesses. As we all know, car prices increase per year. It lets car owners realize the importance of maintaining a car. So, it all means that car detailing is an excellent side business.

What Services Are Included In Car Detailing?

While anyone can do car services, it is best to do it using the right tools and techniques. The following are the most common detailing services that you may offer:

Exterior Car Cleaning

Washing And Drying The Exterior. This process is done by hand using specialized equipment and chemicals. The detailer utilizes these products to remove dirt, polish, and protect the vehicle's body.

Paint Claying. You can utilise a clay bar to remove residue and contaminants from the surface. It helps keep the car looking its best.

Polishing. In this task, you’ll use abrasive compounds, which help remove small layers of paint like paint correction polish, car polisher cream, best vehicle cleaning products, and best polish for cars. This helps minimize scratches and swirls.

Waxing or Sealing. It involves using a sealant, a type of coat applied to the car’s paint to give it a glossy finish.

You can also offer exterior services such as paint job, trim painting, engine polishing, bumper repair, and windshield repair.

Interior Car Cleaning

Cleaning Glass. It involves cleaning the windshield and windows.

Brushing and Scrabbing. This service is done to get rid of stains on the car’s floor carpet and mats. You can do this by using the best vehicle cleaning products.

Vacuuming. Carpet and upholstery are vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. The rear cargo area and trunk are also vacuumed to remove debris.

Other services may include internal car clean, steam cleaning, leather trimming, and perfuming. To get this all done as perfectly as possible, using the best possible auto detailing products would help a lot!

How To Get Started As A Car Detailer In Australia?

You don't need a college degree or a master's degree to work as a car detailer. As long as you have experience with cars, you’re good to go. But, having ready the things below would help you land more clients.

● You will need a manual, unrestricted car license. You can contact your state’s road and traffic authority to get more information and how you can apply for a car license.

● Though it’s not required to some clients, having a Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology can be beneficial to give your image as a car detailer a boost. You can find more details on TAFE and some private institutions.

● If you'd want to learn more about car finishes to offer better services, you may consider enrolling to get a Certificate III in Refinishing Technology.

● Most importantly, you need to have the tools and supplies ready. Before buying anything, think about the essential tools and the minimum supplies that will be necessary to get started. Doing so saves a lot of money and allows you to get more later when it’s needed. For example, you can think of the best products to clean your car (if you have one), then start from there. Also, you may want to invest in the best car detailing machine as much as possible for better and more services to offer.

How Much Can You Possibly Earn Doing Car Detailing?

What’s great about car detailing is that you don’t need to live in a high-cost-of-living area to become a detailer. You can always attract new clients by offering special services such as truck interior detailing, buffing a truck, and many more.

The average detailer income in Australia is over $50,000 per year. If you’re a beginner, you can make up to $43,875 per year. But, if you’re an experienced worker, you can make up to $73,500 per year.

Summing Up

Earning cash doing car detailing is a great opportunity, but it requires proper planning and execution to achieve the best results. Before getting started, you may consider observing car detailing shops or businesses to get some more ideas. When you're all set, you can now start earning more cash. Good luck on your new journey!

Earn extra cash with car detailing
Earn extra cash with car detailing

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