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The Bowden's Three Bucket Safe Wash Solution

Are you looking for the easiest and exceptional method of washing your car? Check out this product kit that makes cleaning your car like counting one, two, and three!

The Bowden's Three Bucket Safe Wash Solution is a kit that guarantees top-notch cleaning in every step of the way. The kit includes three particular marked and easily recognizable buckets you’ll be using all throughout the cleaning process. This three-way great washing system prevents the reintroduction of dirt and muck back into your cleaning solution.

Let’s get into the meat of this product —the buckets.

What so special about the buckets of The Bowden’s Three Bucket Safe Wash Solution?

Keeping dirt and debris away from your paint work should be the goal in washing your car. However, sometimes it seems scratches, swirl marks and some damages are inevitable. It seems that there is nothing you can do about it but to just accept the fact that these things really happen.

What if we tell you that most, if not all of these washing problems were caused by improper washing methods or tools?

The Bowden’s Three Bucket Safe Wash Solution kit has everything you could ever need. Not to mention that the kits contain three top quality buckets that will surely make your washing feel like it is not a chore at all. These will make it easier, more convenient, easier cleaning and more enjoyable than your usual washing.

Let’s get to know more about the functions of each bucket and how they are distinct from each other;

  • 15L Wash Bucket - This is the bucket where you’ll be mixing your favorite car washing detergent solution. Out of the three buckets in this kit, this will be your go-to bucket.

  • Rinse Bucket - It is essential to make sure that no unwanted grime should come off once you go back to your soap water. By doing so, you’ll spare your car from micro scratching or swirl marks. The Rinse Bucket is for the clean water which is responsible in ensuring that all the dirt from the sponge used for your paintwork has been rinsed well.

  • Wheels Bucket - If there’s something that is considered to be the nastiest part in cleaning cars, it’s the wheels! Car wheels are the ones directly emerging to different areas such as muds, smuts, sands and many other filth that needs rigorous cleaning. Wheels Bucket is made to ensure that no dirt from the wheels will affect your general washing. But in using the Rinse Bucket, you want to be mindful as well in order to prevent damage or ruin the whole process of cleaning. Grimes and grits must be out of the bottom before your next wash.

  • Three Bowden’s Own Great Barrier Thingys - If you think you are satisfied already with the above mentioned three buckets, well , we guess you’ll be happy to know that the kit includes three Bowden’s Great Barrier Thingys, an Australian clever design of debris trappers. These trappers will prevent grimes and grits that are accumulated at the bottom to swirl around and find their way up to your wash tool.

  • Bucket Lid - To top it all, bucket lid helps you store them in places and maintain contaminants free buckets.

Bowden's Wash kit
Bowden's Wash kit

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