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No-H2O Waterless Wash and Polish Kit

What is a No-H2O Waterless Wash and Polish Kit

Have you imagined yourself washing your car without the use of water? Yes. You’ve read it right.

You can now wash cars even if there's NO WATER!

No-H2O Waterless Wash and Polish is a dry cleaning product that not only cleans but gives your car a nice glittery-like shine even without the use of water.

In this kit, you’ll see the following items;

  • One Wash

  • One Polish

  • One Wheel-keen Applicator

  • Four Great quality GSM Microfiber cloths

  • Booklet Manual

You’ll be surprised that this product can clean and wash up 2-4 regular sized cars.

This means, if you only have 1 regular sized car, you’ll get to enjoy this product four times! Doesn't that sound like a very cost efficient kind of product?

But how effective can this be?

This product, No-H2O Waterless Wash and polish is made out of scratch free spray liquid formula which is ideal in removing excess dirt, grease, stain and unwanted marks or debris from your car. With this product it is now possible to maintain the sanitation and cleanliness of your car while helping Mother Nature in conserving water resources. Isn’t that great?

No H2o wash and polish kit
No H2o wash and polish kit

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