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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax captures the essential, long-lasting bubbles that do not even thin out, like ordinary 'wash & wax' solutions. The very strong motion suds lifts and safely eliminates dirt and impurities.


Ultimate Wash & Wax sophisticated main ingredient includes noteworthy and a hybrid combination of top-quality Carnauba wax with synthetic polymer innovation, providing authentic wax treatment onto your paints, glasses, and alloys when you clean.  The wax top-up gives long-lasting protection from UV damage, the environment, corrosion, factory fallout, and vehicle filth during the maintenance schedule.


Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax provides safe and exceptional washing, outstanding wax retention, and a rich, lustrous polish. Use a Meguiars Microfibre Wash Pad or a Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt for optimum results.


The super-sudsy composition of Ultimate Wash & Wax gently and thoroughly eliminates completely covered grime, filth, parasites, and other pollutants. In addition to protecting, the constant water beading from the Carnauba wax plus synthetic polymer combination significantly improves liquid roll-off, reducing water spots.


  • The ultra-high suds washing ingredient lasts longer and does not settle out.

  • Loaded with a composite polymer and carnauba wax, which protects and gives a rich lustrous finish.

  • Water roll-off and bouncing are drastically improved, resulting in fewer watermarks and blemishes.

  • Applicable on all shiny external surfaces, like paints, glasses, and wheels.

  • Perfect for those who don't have time to wax their car regularly.

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax
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