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Ceramic paint protection increases you car's paint life

Your car is an essential aspect of your daily life. For expensive items like cars, preservation is key to maintaining good value. The dream of every car owner is to retain the pristine condition of their vehicle for a long time. The view of a scratch-less car increases admiration and value for every ride.

One way car owners do this is by applying cut and polish services for the car. Then, adding ceramic coating as the protective layer of the vehicle. Ceramic coating is one of the most popular paint protection products in the market. It is widely available around many automotive businesses.


However, it’s best to be meticulous about the things you will apply to your car exterior. The verdict is this: is the application of ceramic paint coating to your car worth the price?

What is a ceramic coating?


The car’s paintwork needs layers of protection against everything from the outside, especially when driving on the road. Ceramic coating is common in many goods. Recent innovations created ceramic paint coating for car surfaces. Ceramic coating is relatively new in comparison to the typical car wax applications for most car owners.

There are three components for a ceramic coating: resin, solvent, and additives. The most common resin is called polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS), a silicone-based polymer. The resin is one of the vital components in ceramic coatings.


The PDMS gives the most benefits you need in car paint protection so that you can enjoy driving your vehicle freely without worrying about damages.


The first step involves using proper cut and polish products to remove any existing blemish removals and restoring gloss work for the paint. Now, the second step involves the exciting part of the protective process.


After thoroughly preparing the car, it’s time to apply a ceramic coating on top of the car’s paint job.

Benefits of ceramic coating for car protection


The reason you apply for ceramic coating is because of the advantages it brings to your car. There are hundreds of ceramic coating products available around. With the nonstop supply available in the market, it’s best to understand what the ceramic coating does for your car.

Protection from sun damage

Constant exposure to the sun can damage the paint job of your car. The longer your vehicle is out under the rays of the sun, the more the paint oxidizes and ends up fading faster. The ceramic coating can protect against sun damage.

Repellant from dirt

Driving every day can accumulate the dirt that may stay on your car surface. Most people don’t have enough time every week to clean the car. If you don’t have the time to clean the stains regularly, the ceramic coating can protect the car paint from common stains.

No waxing necessary

Since the ceramic coating becomes the protective layer to your car paint, putting wax becomes redundant. Ceramic coatings offer more use and benefits than a wax product. It also lasts longer than a wax product on top of the car surface.

Glossy finish

Aesthetics are always a big selling point of car models. Don’t we all love glossy car detail that highlights your ride’s features? The addition of the ceramic coating adds a glossy finish to the car surface. If you are fond of glossy surfaces that provide a spotless boost for the paint color, the ceramic coating is your best friend.

Disadvantages of ceramic coating


If you want to keep the paintwork at best, constant cleaning and regular maintenance are still necessary. No protective layer is perfect. Just like any other product available for car improvements, the ceramic coating has some disadvantages.

Scratch-resistant vs. scratch-proof

Ceramic coatings are scratch-resistant. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never get scratches. There are still many damaging circumstances that can inflict deep marks on your car paint. Ceramic coating is not scratch-proof, but it still offers hard protection from regular etches and stains.

Not resistant to watermarks

Hard water marks come from the presence of minerals and substances in the water. When drops of water dry up, watermarks may be visible on the ceramic surface of the car. Watermarks need a more hands-on removal method to guarantee that there are no remaining marks on the surface.

Professional services vs. DIY

There are many options for ceramic coating application on a vehicle. Both professional automotive services and DIY ways are available for all car owners. However, it’s better to get a professional to do the job of applying the ceramic coating.


The work can be meticulous. Attention to detail is necessary as one wrong step in car cut & polish and ceramic coating application can cost you tons in unsolicited expenses.


With the wide range of products for cars, ceramic coatings can be costly. Many brands and names in the industry develop innovations for ceramic coatings. It’s best to do personal research on the different features and value of ceramic coatings in the market.


Consider the application of ceramic coating as an investment for the paint works of your ride.

Is ceramic coating worth the price?


The final decision falls on you as a car owner who wants to preserve the condition of their ride. You need to consider many factors, like the car model, current car condition, which dictates the necessary polished car detailing.


The size of your vehicle also matters as it affects the amount of work and product for the car.

Is the ceramic coating worth it? The answer is YES! If your goal is to keep the car in the best and most protected condition against paint damages, the ceramic coating does the job. The ceramic coating protects the outside environment and a glossy look to your car paint.


To maximize the ceramic coating application, keep regular maintenance and vehicle upgrades from time to time.

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