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Armor All Wash & Wax

Armor All Wash & Wax cleans, polishes, and shields the painted surfaces of your vehicle. Its high suds solution removes stains and dirt from the painted surface while leaving a coating of carnauba wax behind for a rich polish and extra protection. Armor All Wash & Wax is easy to use and has a desirable smell. Plus, its neutral pH rating is safe for you and your car.


  • Waxes your automobiles while washing for improved gloss and protection

  • You can save time with this 2-in-1 high suds washing and carnauba wax solution

  • Get more out of your budget with the 25% bigger 1.25L size available only at Supercheap Auto

  • Adding Armor All Wash and Wax with a 30mL (3 caps)  to a pail of water produces more than 40 washes in each bottle.

Armor All wash and wax