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Armor All Wash & Wax

Armor All Wash & Wax cleans, polishes, and shields the painted surfaces of your vehicle. Its high suds solution removes stains and dirt from the painted surface while leaving a coating of carnauba wax behind for a rich polish and extra protection. Armor All Wash & Wax is easy to use and has a desirable smell. Plus, its neutral pH rating is safe for you and your car.


  • Waxes your automobiles while washing for improved gloss and protection

  • You can save time with this 2-in-1 high suds washing and carnauba wax solution

  • Get more out of your budget with the 25% bigger 1.25L size available only at Supercheap Auto

  • Adding Armor All Wash and Wax with a 30mL (3 caps)  to a pail of water produces more than 40 washes in each bottle.

Armor All wash and wax

SCA Car Detailing Kit

The SCA Car Detailing Kit is a cost-effective, fully-featured car cleaning solution. This compact kit includes an inbuilt handle designed for simple carrying. It contains all you need to tidy up a large vehicle from the inside out -- polishing interior car detailing supplies as well as exterior car buffing.

End up saving yourself the trouble and cost of acquiring auto cleaning and detailing supplies one at a time. This handy package ensures that you won't be rummaging around your carport, squandering hours trying to figure out where you've kept each separate product. Simply, take this pack and then go.

SCA Car Wash & Wax is a powerful, pH-balanced automotive polishing wash and wax that is easy to use. Its 1.25-liter automotive cleaning liquid provides a super-strong, extra-sudsy car cleaning that quickly removes adhering dirt, filth, bugs, and debris to provide a streak-free gloss without harming your wax coating. It may be used on any painted surfaces, also with glass, chrome, and aluminum.

SCA Tyre Shine Wet Look spray would be a long-lasting car wheel and tire cleaner, which dissolves, softens, and eliminates all surface filth, dirt, mud, insects, debris, or other contamination. The spray revitalizes the coated surface and infuses it with a gleaming rich, moist tone. Simply spray it on, rinse it off, and air dry for a spot-free touch.

SCA Glass Cleaner is a fast-drying spray that cleans your car's windows and mirrors glass to a gleaming finish without creating any stains or scratches.

SCA Interior Clean & Protect washes, polishes, and preserves interior vehicle materials without producing a harsh, unrealistic luster. Use this on plastic, vinyl, and rubberized surfaces without fear of damage.



  • Wash & Wax,  Tyre Shine, Interior Clean & Protect, Glass Cleaner, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, and Sponge are all included in the kit.

  • SCA 1.25L Wash & Wax Concentrate is a potent, mega-sudsy liquid gel suitable for removing the most stubborn, caked-on impurities.

  • Maintains a coating of protection from the elements and leaves a gloss finish.

  • Interior Clean and Protect eliminates filth and dust from internal vinyl and plastic materials while also protecting them from UVA/UVB exposure.

  • Spray Tyre Shine polishes tires to their original rich black and shiny 'freshly washed' appearance.

  • Glass Cleaner leaves a bright, streak-free sheen as well as being ammonia-free, making it suitable to be used on either tinted or non-tinted glasses.

  • All of these are kept in a polish by hand bucket kit that also serves as practical and lightweight keeping when not being used.

  • These materials provide a deep cleaning polish by hand car and truck detailing compound efficient for hand stages of cleaning a car.

SCA Car Detailing Kit

Armor All Ultra Detailing Kit

The Armor All Ultra Detailing Kit will retain your automobile 'Mega' looking its best both inside and out. The Ultra Wash & Wax plus a Microfibre 2 in 1 Wash Mitt are all included, offering a delicate yet efficient cleanup to each of your external coated, chrome, glass, and plastic surfaces.

The Ultra Wash & Wax also creates a safe carnauba wax layer on the surface, which prevents UV damages and impurity adherence while boosting polish and chroma.

Ultra Tyre Foam is included, which is ideal for reviving your tires to a rich lustrous black and decreasing the possibility of flaking and aging due to ultraviolet rays.

Mild soiling may be cleaned between a wash with the Ultra Exterior Detailer, which is ideal for keeping your car looking its finest in front of a large car show or vacation. 

The Ultra Interior Detailer and High Shine Protectant work together to remove filth, grime, and dirt from your car glass, vinyl, plastic, and rubber components, priming the condition for the administration of the protectant.

Simply wipe the protectant over latex, vinyl, and plastic surfaces to limit the damage caused by UV rays, which could also cause fade and cracks.


  • Complete interior and exterior polishing and preservation in a single handy bucket

  • Ultra Wash and Wax is a pH-neutral cleanser that contains gentle cleaning supplies and provides a safe carnauba wax covering for outstanding brilliance and durability.

  • Ultra Total Exterior Detailer is ideal for washing exposed surfaces between washes, eliminating impurities properly, and maintaining a streak-free appearance.

  • Ultra Tyre Foam mixes powerful cleaning chemicals with a moisturizer to restore the shiny black appearance of your tires while protecting them from splitting and fading.

  • Ultra Interior Detailer removes filth, oil, and grease from the interior surfaces of glass, vinyl, plastic, and rubber, providing a natural matte finish and deep interior car cleaning.

  • Ultra-High Shine Protectant cleans and preserves rubber, plastic, and vinyl materials against mild contamination and dirt while maintaining a high shine.

  • The Microfibre 2-in-1 Wash Mitt contains microfibre threads that loosen and pull pollutants out from the paintwork, hence eliminating swirl lines.

  • The detailing kit produces a machine polish-like finish without an all-time high cleaning cost.

Armor All Ultra Detailing Kit
SCA Car Detailing Kit
Armor All Ultra Detailing Kit
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