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Car Wash Drying - Microfiber Vs Air Blowing

There's no better time than now to give your automobile the high-quality shine it deserves. With that stated, everyone knows that bright weather makes automobile drying more difficult. Because streaks occur when the sun dries the soap, water, or any detailing product you may have used before you can do it yourself.

Since looking for a reliable car cleaning service mobile can be time-consuming, why not just do it yourself?

You're probably thinking. “Wait. Will you actually try to instruct me on how to dry my car? It's easy! All you have to do is turn off the water. Heck, I could just let the sun do it.” Wrong. There is a proper and wrong method to dry an automobile, as basic as the notion seems.

Microfiber Cloth

There is the option of car detailing for sale with cheap car detailing prices which offer the best cut and polish for cars. Vehicle cut and polish is a phrase used to describe the process of painting correction. In essence, the "cut" removes scratches and blemishes from the paintwork, whilst the "polish" restores the sheen.

Microfiber towels, especially those developed for auto cleaning, are the finest choice for drying your automobile. Microfiber towels are not only very absorbent but are also made up of tough fibers that suck up surface dirt rather than spreading it on the surface.

Furthermore, because they are so little, they will not harm your paint. Microfiber towels are great for completely drying your vehicle because no one wants stains or blemishes on their paint. Here's the quickest and easiest way to dry an automobile by hand using microfiber in just three steps:


Wash car properly

  • If you want your car to have an ultra-clean finish after drying, make sure you wash it correctly from the start. When you wash your automobile properly, you are removing surface dirt and debris from the surface. If you don't, residual surface dirt and debris will be easier to spread on your car's surface as you dry it. Wash your automobile in the shade if possible, as sunshine can cause soap marks to appear on the surface. If you must wash your automobile in the sun, do it in tiny portions at a time to avoid stains forming.


Use a damp microfiber towel to clean

  • After rinsing your automobile of soap and suds, use your microfiber cloths to clean the surface. Using a moist microfiber towel, soak it in clean water and wring it out. A wet microfiber towel will simultaneously remove grime and wick away water. It also decreases friction between the towel and your automobile, allowing you to dry your car without damaging it. Wipe your vehicle clean from top to bottom.       


Just keep drying

  • After you've finished wiping, you could see a small layer of water on your paint. Even if it's only a little amount of water, don't let it dry on its own; the minerals in the water might leave traces and harm your paint as it evaporates. Instead, wipe the area with a dry microfiber cloth until the water is completely absorbed. Another option is to put your drying towel over an area and pat it down, allowing the microfiber to do the work. Any trace of minerals will be absorbed by the microfibre, leaving a gleaming, streak-free surface.

Air Blower

Any direct contact with your car's paint, regardless of the drying technique, increases the chances of scratches and swirls entering the paintwork. That is a proven truth. Even if you use the safest and most expensive Microfiber towel, you will still come into touch with the paint (although this is still the safest method where contact is involved).

In principle, when drying your automobile, you should try to minimize the amount of contact you create in order to get the car dry as quickly as possible. Why don't I just stay away from the car and let it dry on its own? It also appears to be the least work, but this is not a good approach since you are virtually certain to have wet spots, which can cause further issues and cause the automobile to look less shiny.

Like mobile car steam cleaning, a blower will almost never be powerful enough to do even minor damage to an automobile, even if it is directed extremely near. This makes them safe - imagine using a hairdryer just for your car.


Everyone loves to save time, and utilizing an air blower or comparable blower to dry your automobile after the wash stage might reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the task. Because many blowers these days are extremely strong, they could most certainly dry a car in under a minute.


As I said previously in the essay, drying your car with a leaf blower allows you to remove water from the car without touching it, which is advantageous since it reduces the risk of wiping marks. This is very crucial if your finish is already perfect and devoid of swirls. Swirl markings are never caused by air!


Drying your car with an air blower allows you to remove water from the car without touching it, which is advantageous since it reduces the risk of wiping marks. This is very crucial if your finish is already perfect and devoid of swirls. Swirl markings are never caused by air!

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