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The Autoglym Polar Collection Kit

This kit is probably the most complete and very interesting kit among other kits we have. Autoglym Polar Collection has products that complete the car washing process with touch-free details with the use of a pressure water.

This product kit starts with pre-washing, washing, up to the sealing of your car paintworks. It bears a snow foam with exceptional quality formulation that is highly recommended for pre-washing or touchless wash. It includes a product that can make a foam blanket for your car to firmly remove all the dirt, contaminants and extensive grease.

Moreover, the kit has a product that provides quick and easy gloss finish with the simplest way of application.

Here are the products that provide perfect cleaning combination using pressure water;

  • 500 ML Polar Blast for Pre- Washing Process

  • 500 ML Polar Wash for Washing Process

  • 500 ML Polar Seal for High Gloss Finishing Process

If you’re still looking for a foam gun that goes with the pressure water, we highly recommend you to try our Autoglym Polar Collection.

Autoglym detailing kit
Autoglym detailing kit

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