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Art Of Cleaning Car Windows

Aside from the car's exterior, the inside of a vehicle is also important to keep clean. Removing the debris and dirt from these areas is as simple as washing your windows. Car detailing professionals usually prefer the use of top car care products. Most car detailers observe car polish reviews online to give customers a better service along with the use of the best car washing supplies.

Having a clean car window gives a car a great-looking finish and makes the driving experience safer. Getting dirty windows can be dangerous as they can distort obstacles' view.

Here's How Car Detailers Clean Windows

For cleaning car windows, you may refer to steps below:

Use A Dry Microfiber Cloth.

Use a dry, reversible cleaning cloth to wipe the inside car windows. It's designed to work in an up-and-down motion. This step will remove the dirt and dust particles that cling to the car's surface.

Use A Spray Cleaner.

Do not spray the cleaner directly into a glass. Direct the car window cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth and a few spritzes on a glass at a time is all that's needed to prevent it from getting hazy. Use a cleaner that's labelled as safe for interior use to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. Some car detailers also make their own DIY cleaner using top car care products.

Wipe On Cleaner.

Use a clean and dampened microfiber cloth to rub on a circulation motion. Before starting cleaning the interior windows of the vehicle, make sure to clean the exterior windows first thoroughly. Also, using car exterior polish is a good choice. It will help get rid of dirt and grime from the inside of the vehicle. The lower corners of windshields can be challenging to reach, so a tool with a curved head is a good choice. A telescopic windshield reaching device is commonly used to reach the lower corners of windshields.

Glass Drying

Use a clean microfiber cloth or a fresh one to wipe the glass dry. To dry the area, use a damp cloth. Once the cleaner has been used, apply it again and follow the step above. Once the surface has been cleaned and dried, it's time to buff it to remove any impurities. Fold them as needed to keep them clean from one glass to the next.

It's essential to clean the glass trim around the rim to avoid getting stuck in the grooves and corners. The windshield wipers are constantly in contact with the vehicle's surface. If they are not cleaned, they will eventually get dirty again. To clean the blades, run the towel along the bottom edge of the blade, which comes in contact with the glass.

Helpful Things to Consider

● Make sure not to let the glass cleaner dry on the car's glass. If this happens, it could leave a film or spots on the glass.

● Make sure that the windshield wipers are excellent and new because if the wipers have been damaged, they can leave a scratch on your windshield.

● Use high-quality car washing supplies to keep your windshield clear. It can help remove buildup and bugs.

● For most car detailers, using a car interior detailing machine can be so much help.

● Using the best car finishing polish is also a good option.

One important tip, before washing car windows, it's advisable to wash your car first. Most car detailers also use car wash steam for better cleaning. Alternatively, if you need help, you can always search for mobile steam cleaning near you for the best possible service!

How to clean car windows
How to clean car windows

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