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We are the cheapest business that offers mobile car detailing in Melbourne



We use the best and most professional products on your car such as Rupes, CarPro, ShineMate & Mothers which are gentle on car but excellent in producing results. We have heavily invested in the top most commercial grade machines such as "Polivac", "Pullman", "MasterBlaster" and range of orbital and rotary buffing machines to perform car detailing and car wash. There is absolutely no compromise on quality. 

Attention To Detail


Car detailing and car wash is all about having an eye to spot dirt and spots in the tightest of spaces. Our car detailing gurus are experts in their work and have been extensively trained to spot places where a usual person would fail to do so. We have specialized tools which are not readily available in market to address cars with extensive dog hair and sand spoilage. Once we finish our job, it is a solid process to go through check list again to make sure nothing has been missed, hence why we are called "Car Detailing Guru".

Affordable & Easy Terms

 We will beat the price of any major supplier or servicing company. We offer AfterPay payment plan on 4 equal installments too. Not just this, we operate on black and white tax regime meaning for every job done you will be provided with a tax invoice and all our prices are inclusive GST. 

Beyond Satisfaction

 At car detailing guru, we believe in making a relationship with you. We do so, by ensuring that you are made 100% happy and nothing less. Our exclusive offer for our exclusive customers is that if you are not happy with our work (terms & conditions apply) we will get it fixed by a third party supplier at 0$ - ABSOLUTLEY FREE.

Know us better

Our Process


The purpose of exterior wash is to remove decontaminants from the paint job which can cause the car body to look rough and faded away. Exterior car wash performed by car detailing guru is very high in quality as we use double action commercial grade shampoo which cuts the dirt and grime smoothly, also applying a micro layer of wax on the car which acts as basic protection for your paint job especially during the application stage. Failure to use a commercial grade shampoo can cause even the softest and best quality microfiber towel to cause scratches on the car by rubbing against the decontaminants. Although done in an entry level service, yet you will notice a huge difference in the glow and depth of your car.

One reason why a lot of people prefer going for a waterless car wash is that it is virtually contact less cleaning of car. Though it sounds good in technicalities however, it certainly is not the best in getting the 5 star results. For the very reason, the process we use to wash cars is carefully designed and very sophisticated. We hand wash the cars with a specially manufactured micro fiber cloth with wash and wax quality which means it has contactless feature but the results are as stunning as with any other methods.


Most people think, interior detail mostly consists of general vacuum cleaning and dust wiping interiors of your car. Here at Car Detailing Guru, we treat the interior of your car as major task of the job. The interior detail is about improvising methods to get in to tight spaces, crevices between your seats and under, and using available technology to work on stains and dirt which might seem impossible to extract for any other car detailer. For our mobile car detailing business, this is what we specialize in. We start with a very powerful dual motor industrial grade vacuum and work through all spaces including AC vents and tight spaces and use our in house made shampoo mixture which not only works as anti-bacterial for fabric and carpets but also dissolves hard to get stains and spots. We either use specialized steam detailing method or extraction detailing method as method to make the inside of your car look brand new again.

At car detailing guru, we have some specially though tools with brushes and pads that are extremely soft to be used for stain removal on surfaces like roof lining and fabric seats and surfaces which are hard plastics with narrow opening such as ash trays and cup holders.


We start exterior detailing by first performing a detailed analysis on the exterior condition of your car, understanding what pads and strength of polish could be used safely, also measuring the thickness of your car paint using the paint gauges, we also use a specially designed UV light to check places where we would need to work extra hard on part of exterior with swirl marks and scratches. The rule of the thumb is, that if the swirl mark or scratch are nail deep it has penetrated the clear coat of the paint job and possibly caused damage to the paint of the car which is unfortunately not possible to be repaired using cut and polish. However, if the car paint is in good condition with good thickness it gives us extra room to play with and we might be able to make a difference. After a good premium wash, we carry out 2 stage paint correction with carefully chosen foam pads and world class orbital and rotary polishing machines to work on scratches. 90% of the time, our mobile car detailing business is able to get stunning results, some times we might need to do extra wax and buff which is why we are proudly trusted by the community as the best car detailing business in Melbourne.


Applying ceramic paint protection on your vehicle is no child's play. It involves removal of even the tiniest paint impurities from your car and ensuring that your vehicle's body is absolutely streak free like straight from the factory even before applying the first coat of ceramic paint coat. At times, the difference between a good and bad ceramic coat is a fine line, on how well a car detailer worked to decontaminate your car, which is  what a lot of car detailers miss out. At Car Detailing Guru, we will remove and prepare painted surfaces layer by layer starting from a wash, then doing a clay bar, then applying 3 Tier chemical to further clean up micro dust particles and then perform a 3 stage paint correction. Once done, we then apply 2 coats of ceramic paint solution usually "CQUARTS" and other top quality products available in the market to give you years of anti-dust and water beading properties to your car. Furthermore, it protects your car against acid rain and acidic reaction following a bird poo fall. You will clearly see the difference after we have completed our ceramic paint protection as your hand will just slip over the painted surface as if there is 0 friction virtually. 



Head light restoration is a highly demanding task that requires skill and tactics in order safely restore lens to factory condition. At car detailing guru, we have 3 tier product solution to restore your head lights. For cars which are 1 to 3 years old and not too bad head lights the results can be achieved by simply integrating head lights with rest of the car body and implement 2 stage paint correction process. However, for cars which are older or have worst head lights, we tend to use meguiars head light restoration kit and a specially made chemical compound that we use with specially designed glass polishing pads and sanding pads are not readily available in the market. It is very surprising for some customers to realize that having the right compounds is only 10% of the total job, where as 90% is the multi tier process that we adopt layer by layer to restore your car head lights. This service is usually not included in the usual full detailing and ultimate detailing and can be requested as an add on. If requested, we perform car headlight restoration and headlight coating with our world class top of the class ceramic coating to repel dirt or other micro debris which makes car head lights mercy. 

Our Work Speaks For It self



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Paint Protection

Paint protection products are an innovative technology that brings your vehicle to new aesthetic and protective heights. When paint protection is applied it is like adding a semi-permanent glass layer made with SIO2 (Silicon Oxide) that gives an exceptional gloss level that is unmatched compared to the most expensive wax based protectants. Once applied by a professional car detailer, this specially designed compound heals and fills the imperfections in a vehicle's body paint work which can get worst after years of exposure to outside environment. Bird droppings when react with rain, dust, or even other micro and nano contaminants it make the vehicle's body paint feel rough and dull, and may reduce your car's cosmetic life lesser than it may seem. All of this means, that the coating actively rejects bonding of contamination and when water is introduced to the surface it carries the contamination with it, actively called as "lotus effect". Not just this, these high strength products resist in scratching and minor marring and adds to thickness on top of the manufacturer's clear coat. At Car Detailing Guru, we only use the top of the line manufacturer approved paint protection products which of course comes with higher price tag. We are proudly Gtechniq certified applicators but we offer to apply other brands of ceramic coatings as well.

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