Why hire a car detailer if you can have a product which does equally good job and gives you a big punch which busts any stain or mark on your leather / fabric couches or seats and carpets. 


Used first hand by Car Detailing Guru, a product that has fixed hardest stains ever with a professional touch. For use on:


  • Car roof lining
  • Car Carpets
  • Car Leather / fabric upholstery



  • 1 x 500 ml stain buster spray bottle
  • 1 x New micro fibre cloth



We are not offering online sales at the moment. Please email us on "contact@cardetailingurumelbourne.com.au" to purchase this product. You will be sent out an invoice and the product will be shipped at required destination address at our earliest. 

Stain Buster

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    1. Shake well before use.
    2. Spray on to the cloth and use on a small spot before use to avoid any potential damage.
    3. Leave the spray on the stain for max 3 mins.
    4. Scrub with a clean microfibre cloth (Very important)
    5. Repeat above steps if need be.



    1. To get most uniform results use this solution to clean complete upholstery / roof lining. Spot cleaning can cause difference in looks as places where solution is applied can look cleaner than other areas.
    2. Best results are seen after the surface is dried up, post application.
    3. Does not repair discoloration and permanent damage.